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Published on April 28th, 2008 | by Michael J Smith


Was Kyle Busch Out Of Bounds?

I remember in 2002, Jr. won at ‘Dega by passing Matt Kenseth ( I believe) with two tires below the yellow line. While the Jr. was never penalized, I do remember hearing at least questions about whether or not the move was legal. This also brought about criticisms that there NASCAR gives certain drivers preferential treatment.

Sunday, Busch appeared to pass Jimmie Johnson with two tires below the yellow line. It’s probably up for debate as to whether he actually was forced down below the line, or if he even advanced his position. That said, I did not hear one question or comment about it during the broadcast.

Earlier in the race, within the first 10 laps he did the same thing, without comment. I’m not saying he broke the rules, I’m just pointing out that it was odd no one said a word.

Sunday’s race featured much better racing than the October race at ‘Dega, in my opinion. It was nice to see two cars hook up on the outside and pass for the lead. Say what you want about the COT, but there was no distinct advange between the high line and the low line in Sunday’s race.

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