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Published on May 6th, 2008 | by Michael J Smith


Hamlin Denies Bringing Out Caution To Benefit Busch

ESPN is reporting that Denny Hamlin admitted to stopping his car on purpose brining out the caution. But, not for the reason many think: to give his Joe Gibbs Racing teammate Kyle Busch a chance at victory.

Hamlin was quoted as saying:

I didn’t even know where Kyle was on the track. … For all I knew he was leading the race.

As for penalties, NASCAR indicated that it will not further penalize Hamlin for bringing out the caution. Nor will NASCAR penalize Michael Waltrip for his actions against Casey Mears. NASCAR thinks the point hit he took from being parked was punishment enough.

For his part, Mears said:

Initially it was our fault. … I don’t know if we just had a radio problem or what happened there, but we were kind of running by ourselves there for quite a while. I think [Waltrip] came out on new tires and was running us down and I just wasn’t aware of it, and I came off 4 and hit him and I had no idea he was there. …  I can understand why he’d be upset, because it definitely wasn’t his doing. … But obviously afterwards what he did wasn’t right. I can understand the emotion and being upset, but you definitely don’t want to do something like that. He realizes that, too, and we’ll all move on.

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