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InBev Considering Unsolicited Takeover of Anheuser-Busch

Several major news outlets reported over the weekend that Belgium-based InBev is considering an unsolcitied takeover bid of Anheuser-Busch, former sponsor of what is now the Nationwide series.

The Wall Street Journal [1] is reporting that the falling dollar may make the acquisition attractive. Commodities prices are also forcing beer makers to cut costs.

If this takeover happens, the New York Times [2] says it “would be the largest deal ever in the beverages industry.” But, it’s currently unclear whether Anheuser managers would give up control of the company.

The company has been preparing to defend itself against possible takeover bids, but “the Busch family lacks voting control and there are no antitakeover measures,” so if the company introduces a proposal, the decision will be made by the board and shareholders, the AP [3] notes.

Bloomberg [4], the BBC [5], and the AFP [6] are also reporting the story.