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Published on June 11th, 2008 | by Michael J Smith


France: NASCAR Official Did Not Report Discrimination Claims

The AP is reporting that NASCAR chairman Brian France addressed the lawsuit by Mauricia Grant for the first time on Wednesday.

France said:

The disappointing thing is she makes a lot of claims, none of them reported. The fact that it went on as she stated, for many months, but never bothered to tell anyone at management what was going on — which is what our policy says — is very disappointing.

For her part, Grant says that she followed the chain of command but did not go to human resources when her direct supervisor Joe Balash dismissed her claims.

Mike Wilford, a former NASCAR official named in the suit, said:

Graphic and lewd jokes? She participated in them. She laughed, she would never say it was inappropriate. She asked to be called the only two names she was ever called. She called herself Mo Money all the time.

Grant’s lawyer, Benedict P. Morelli, said:

She understands the normal response is to say, ‘The person is crazy, a bad worker, crazy and lazy and fired for cause. She was always bad and we don’t discriminate, we never did discriminate.’ We fully expect them to find out she once threw sand in the sandbox in an attempt to smear her.

In an email sent to all NASCAR employees, France reiterated the organization’s zero-tolerance policy.



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