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Kyle Busch Still Has A Long Way To Go

Last Sunday’s Goodys Fast Pain Relief 500 from Martinsville Speedway is a reminder of how far Kyle Busch still has to go before he is championship material.

Don’t get me wrong, the kid can drive. He’s got talent. He’s got the wins. But, what’s lacking is the consistency.

Sure, Steve Addington and the No. 18 Joe Gibbs Racing team deserves some of the blame. But, Busch is still lacking the maturity to become Sprint Cup champion.

He’s come a long way from his Hendrick Motorsports days. Back then, it was no foreign sight to see Busch wrecking because of too-aggressive moves.

I’m sure you all remember the now-infamous incident when Busch’s left the track while his team fixed his race car. Dale Earnhardt Jr. limped the Hendrick car around the track, which you could say led to him signing with the team, and Busch being released.

It is this same immaturity that rears its ugly head every once and a while. And, so long as that is there, Busch will not win a championship.

When Busch wins, he usually does so in dominating fashion. On those days, few cars can keep up with him. It’s like he’s Superman. But, if that’s the case, his Kyptonite is patience.

Anything can frustrate Busch, which leads him to make mistakes like he did Sunday [1].

When Busch has an ill-handling car, or a mechanical problem, he lacks the patience to figure out the problem and still get a win, or salvage points.

Jimmie Johnson showed why he is a three-time champion on Sunday, battling an ill-handling car and managing to come back and win the race.

Busch has yet to do that week in and week out, and until he does, he may be NASCAR’s winning-est driver, but he won’t be Sprint Cup champion.