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Hendrick Denies Considering Crew Chief Change

Following earlier reports [1] that Hendrick Motorsports owner Rick Hendrick considered swapping crew cheifs for the Nos. 88 and 5, with Alan Gustafson moving to Dale Earnhardt Jr and Tony Eury Jr moving to Mark Martin, the team has officially denied [2] the report.

Regardless of what actually happens, I stick by my opinion that a move might be good for all involved, at least on Jr’s team. This is assuming he continues struggling.

I don’t question Jr’s focus or Eury Jr’s ability. I think Jr is focused and committed to turning around his team’s performance, as is Eury Jr. But, if everyone is working hard, and is focused, and the results still don’t come, something has to be done.

I believe Hendrick is committed to Eury Jr for the time being. But, if track performance doesn’t improve, he would be forced to do something, and maybe a crew chief change is the answer. Maybe it isn’t.

That’s not for me to decide. Ultimately, that’s a decision Hendrick may have to make.