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Lead Lap Needs Your Help

In the coming months, The Lead Lap will undergo a major redesign to incorporate some changes we have wanted to make for quite some time.

As we make the transformation, we’d like to take a few minutes to solicit your feedback on things you like or dislike about the site and its look and feel.

What types of things do you think are missing from this blog, and what would you add to it to make for a better web experience?

What sorts of information do you find lacking on this site (as it pertains to NASCAR being that this is a site covering NASCAR)?

In addition to the news and opinions presented on this site, what other types of features would you like to see? Q&A, general NASCAR information, a newsletter, etc?

As always, we appreciate your feedback and will take every comment seriously as we move in a new direction and attempt to make the site better.

Thank you,

The Lead Lap