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Mayfield Was Informed Of Substance, Black Says

As if you’re not sick enough of hearing the back and forth [1] between Jeremy Mayfield and NASCAR officials, David Black, the doctor who runs the lab that conducts NASCAR testing said that he had a discussion with Mayfield about the banned substance he tested positive for.

Black said:

I spoke with him about his positive test result on the day he was suspended, and I spoke to him directly about the test result. … Yes, by name of what he tested positive for.

This is contrary to remarks Mayfield made at the All Star race.

Mayfield, then, said:

They didn’t say what I took. They don’t know what I took. A legal prescription drug, that’s what I take. And I had allergies at Richmond that were really, really bad. On [May 7] I got a call and said you’ve tested positive for whatever they called it. I said, ‘OK, no problem. I’ve got all my paperwork ready.’ He said ‘You’ll fax that to us; it’ll cancel out your test.’

Maury Brown, of the Business of Sports Network is calling for NASCAR to makes its drug policy more transparent. He writes [2]:

If NASCAR wants to be considered an equal of the Big-4 sports leagues, it needs to follow their leads and simply make the substances they are testing for well published. If they want to go a step further…publish a certified nutritional supplements list – a list that certifies that PEDs are not within the supplements due to contamination in the mixing process, and has proper controls to prevent false positives.

I can’t say I disagree. While I understand not wanting to make Mayfield’s test results public, I think NASCAR should at least make its list public.

The only reason I think they may be hesitant is because it somehow might affect potential sponsors if their products appear on the list.