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NASCAR Wins Appeal Of Mayfield Injunction

The U.S. Court of Appeals in Richmond, Va. has lifted a temporary injunction, giving NASCAR the right to suspend Jeremy Mayfield for his failed drug test [1] in May until an appeal of the ruling can be heard, which is likely to happen around October.

Mayfield won an injunction [2] earlier this month after a lower court judge ruled that the harm to Mayfield substantially outweighed the harm to NASCAR.

The court order said:

Upon review of appellants’ motion for a stay of the preliminary injunction pending appeal and appellees’ response, the Court grants the motion for stay pending appeal.

This could be devistating news for Mayfield, who recently said that he was lining up a huge sponsorship deal that would allow him to race for any team. I would think that no sponsor would want to get involved with a driver who couldn’t race until at least October.