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Published on March 11th, 2010 | by Michael J Smith


Tough Guy Stance Makes Keselowski A Target

One day after NASCAR announced that Carl Edwards would be placed on probation for intentionally wrecking Brad Keselowski at Atlanta, Keselowski appeared on the CBS Early show to talk about the incident.

Keselowski said:

At the end of the day [this incident] is not going to change the way I race one bit because when a driver does…what Carl did, it’s somewhat of an admission that things are not going his way and that he’s not happy. As a driver, that’s a part of your role, to make the other drivers frustrated and upset.

Now, I respect Keselowski for sticking to his guns. It’s refreshing to see a driver say what he’s feeling and what he thinks, instead of the programmed PC responses that will not anger his team owner or his sponsors. I for one enjoy a driver who isn’t afraid to show a little personality… a little moxie.

But, Keselowski’s tough guy stance could mean trouble for him in the future. He should know that his comments may rub some – particularly those he has already had incidents with – the wrong way. He’s already got a reputation as an aggressive driver who isn’t intimidated by anyone. And, when you factor in this latest incident, and his subsequent tough guy stance, you’ve got to believe that he’s making himself a bigger target for retaliation.

From his Twitter account, Denny Hamlin (arguably Keselowski’s archnemesis) tweeted:

What [Keselowski] doesn’t realize is that in order to do the best job that he can on the racetrack, he HAS to have the respect of the other drivers. Just say… Sorry… I f’d up… Just once. It goes a long way. Don’t counter with [tough] luck bud, that’s just the way I race.

Some drivers will agree with Hamlin’s sentiments, while others will not; just as some fans will agree with Hamlin and others will not. And, none of them are wrong because they are entitled to their own opinions.

But, if Keselowski keeps up with the tough guy approach, he’ll get less of the give that everyone talks about when they say “give and take.” Guys will race him a little harder than they would others, and that might make for some pretty long days in his future.

I believe Keselowski knows and realizes this. So, he shouldn’t be surprised if he gets wrecked in the future. As a lot of drivers say, “I race him the way he races me.” And, if you put aggression into that relationship, you’ll get aggression out of it, too. 

And that, my friends, is the last time I write anything about this incident. (I hope.)

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Michael J. Smith is a NASCAR enthusiast and blogger. In addition to founding this website, Michael is a journalist with over a decade of experience writing for prestigious media organizations.

7 Responses to Tough Guy Stance Makes Keselowski A Target

  1. Cindy Kassales says:

    Indeed. I heard today that some thought BK is trying to be like #3. Well,he isn’t. He is a punk. You can see from the shape of his mouth that he was a pacifier baby. Maybe still is.

  2. KeselFan12 says:

    I’m a fan of BK and am torn. On the one I hand I’m glad he’s got the balls to welcome all challengers. But, on the other, I worry that if he ruffles too many feathers, it’ll hinder his performance.

  3. Michael J Smith says:

    Thanks for the comment, Cindy. While I like BK, I just wish he were more respectful of guys on the track.

    It seems he hasn’t earned their respect yet. But, he’s not doing himself any favors by keeping his tough guy stance.

  4. Michael J Smith says:

    Thanks for the comment Keselfan12.

    Time will tell really.

    Denny Hamlin apparently ran into Keselowski at a restaurant. He called Keselowski Crashalotski on his Twitter page.

    Later he took it back because Keselowski bought him a bottle of wine.

    We’ll see if that translates to respect on the racetrack.

  5. Lydia says:

    While I like Brad (I’m guessing I’m the only one of Denny’s fans who does) he needs to tone done the overaggresive driving style. It’s gonna cost him, ’cause these veterans are not going to stand if some punk kid intentionally wrecks them and costs them points. Depsite the fact that Brad’s one of my 10 favorite drivers, I would love to see him get put in his place sometime this year, maybe a wreck bigger then the one Carl inflicted.

  6. Michael J Smith says:


    Thanks for the comment, ad for reading. I believe you’re the only Hamlin fan that likes Keselowski.

    I’m hoping that despite what he says, Keselowski will have learned to be a little smarter on the race track.

    It makes no sense to make yourself a target when you think about points championships and winning.

    Even if you’ve got a car good enough to win, you’re not invincible from someone else’s stupidity. And, someone who is running 150 laps down can spoiler your chance at a good finish or a win.

    Hopefully Brad will learn this.

  7. Antoni says:

    Totally agree with you,i want to join your rss feed now.

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