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Review: Amp’s 6 Days to Race Day DVD

[1]For Dale Earnhardt Jr fans, AMP Energy’s 6 Days to Race Day DVD – available free in specially marked 4-packs of AMP Energy – won’t disappoint. The DVD offers a glimpse into the six days leading up to race weekend.
It begins with the No. 88 AMP Energy/National Guard team unloading a wrecked Chevy from the hauler — apparently, the weekend preceding the DVD wasn’t a good one. And, from the time they unload that car, the clock begins counting down to the next race.
We follow the crew from the tear down of this race car to the preparation of the car for the next race. We’re shown small snippets of all the preparation that goes into setting up Dale Jr’s ride – including a 250-item checklist that keeps the team from missing anything. We see how the paint and decals are applied – interestingly enough, I share the same name as the man who applies Dale Jr’s decals (and no, his name isn’t Lead Lap).

After some of the preparation is completed, the man himself – Dale Jr – comes in to see how things are going and to offer feedback. He sits in the race car and gives instructions on slight changes to make – in this case he wants a mirror moved.

It just so happens that the week the DVD was filmed is also the week the new 2010 paint scheme is unveiled. Once Dale Jr sees it, he’s offers his feedback and solicits feedback from his crew. An interesting note: the 2010 paint scheme we’ve seen on track is not identical to the one in the DVD. A slight change is discussed and made in the DVD, but you’ll have to watch it to find out what it was.

6 Days to Race Day also gives fans a peek into the camaraderie among the No. 88 crew. On race day, we hear heated exchanges because the pressure is on. During the week, things are lighter. We get to see the fun-loving side of Dale Jr and how he interacts with the crew day to day. Did you know he and his crew race go karts on a little dirt track on his property?
The DVD also goes behind the scenes at the premier of Together: The Hendrick Motorsports Story (a lot going on that week at HMS, I guess) and it shows us just how much preparation goes into getting the car to fit NASCAR’s templates.
Casual race fans will enjoy learning about the six days leading to race day and seeing the new paint scheme unveiled. Diehard fans will enjoy seeing the lighthearted side of Dale Jr. So, the DVD’s got something for everyone. And, when you add in the fact that it comes free when you buy AMP Energy, there’s no reason not to check it out.

Photos courtesy of Coyne PR.