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Ford May Switch From Fusion To Mustang in Sprint Cup

[1]In 2011, NASCAR will change the noses on the Sprint Car COT to help improve brand identity and make the cars look more like their street counterparts. As a result, Ford could switch from the Fusion to the Mustang in 2011.

NASCAR officials say that they are close to approving the specifications for the new nose of the car. According to SceneDaily.com [2], the change to the nose will affect the bottom half of the bumper. Currently, the bumper has an indentation, with splitter braces. The new bumper would be curved more, and would not require splitter braces.

NASCAR vice president of competition Robin Pemberton said:

It’s just time for a style change. We’ve been working on it for about a year now. We’re working on [the brand identity] with the manufacturers.

Jamie Allison, of Ford Racing, indicated that everything goes according to plan with the implementation of the Mustang into the Nationwide Series and the changes to the Cup car, he would consider switching to the Mustang in 2011.

Allison said:

We want to see more brand identity in the cars. We’ve been asking NASCAR because we’ve liked what transpired in the Nationwide.