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Impact Wins Injunction; Can Keep Selling To NASCAR Teams

Safety products company Impact Racing obtained a court injunction to keep its certification from the SFI Foundation — which sets standards for the safety of uniforms, head-and-neck restraints, seat belts and other products — to sell race gear to NASCAR teams, according to SceneDaily.com [1].

The injunction keeps SFI from terminating its contract with Impact.

SFI is suing Impact, accusing the safety products maker of buying counterfeit HANS Device clips to put on helmets and for purchasing fake SFI certification labels to put on uniforms.

Impact owner Bill Simpson blames Darren Swisher, a former employee, for purchasing the counterfeit labels and said he had no knowledge of the purchases. Simpson is suing Swisher.

But, SFI alleges that Simpson directed Swisher to buy the counterfeit labels to cut costs.