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Reutimann Signs Three-Year Extension With MWR

FoxSports.com [1] is reporting that David Reutimann has signed a three-year extension with Michael Waltrip Racing to remain as driver of the No. 00 Sprint Cup Toyota Camry. The news that Reutimann, owner of the team’s only Sprint Cup win, re-signed with the team is not surprising.

Before Kasey Kahne signed with Hendrick Motorsports [2], I wrote an article [3] about potential seats for Kahne. One of those seats – based strictly on contract expirations – was MWR’s No. 00. At that time I wrote:

I would be surprised if Michael Waltrip let go of David Reutimann at the end of next season. Reutimann brought the team its first victory, and if he turns in a halfway-decent performance next year, there’s no way Waltrip forgets that. Reutimann has done a lot to make the team respectable, allowing them to attract Martin Truex Jr. So, I don’t think MWR will let him go unless he drops out of the top-35 in points next season. So, for argument’s sake we can remove that one from the list.

Hey, even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once and a while.

But, Reutimann strikes me as someone who is loyal to a team. And when you consider Waltrip’s loyalty, a re-signing seemed eminent. Add in the fact that Reutimann indicated earlier [4] that there were no sticking points that would keep the two sides from reaching an agreement, and you could see this news coming a mile away.