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Mayfield Claims NASCAR Officials Disliked Him

[1]Jeremy Mayfield is asking US District Judge Graham Mullen to reconsider a ruling that dismissed his lawsuit [2] against NASCAR over his failed drug test, according to SceneDaily.com [3]. Mayfield’s request of the judge to reconsider is a part of the process before actually filing an appeal with the US Court of Appeals.

In addition to having his suit reinstated, Mayfield also brought new claims to light, which he says shows NASCAR illegally interfered with his business, and had personal malice against him — specifically NASCAR Chairman Brian France. Mayfield requested to have those claims added to his suit.

Mayfield claims that in 2006, France had him black flagged during the Brickyard 400 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The allegations stem from affidavits in which former in-laws of France’s said that he called NASCAR President Mike Helton during the race and asked him to black flag Mayfield. The affidavits were part of a suit between France and his former in-laws, as he was attempting to evict them from a house he owned.

Mayfield alleges that once he pitted, his car was never looked over.

That race is important because Mayfield hit the wall and finished 41st, which Ray Evernham said Mayfield did in purpose. He was released a few days later, which led him to accuse Evernham of being more focused on other teams than others in his organization — a shot at his girlfriend Erin Crocker, who drove for him at the time.  

Additionally, Mayfield claims that NASCAR was upset with him for signing SmallSponsor.com. The sponsor chose to market itself through a deal with Mayfield Motorsports Inc’s No. 41 Toyota. But, Mayfield’s filing states that NASCAR was courting them to sponsor tracks and races.

NASCAR spokesman Ramsey Poston denied Mayfield’s claims:

Mayfield’s claims are blatantly false and Jeremy and his lawyers know it. In fact, prior to their filing we notified Mayfield’s lawyers that the allegations were completely baseless and that we had evidence to prove the falsity of the claims. Mayfield and his lawyers chose to continue a campaign of lies and disregard the evidence that was discussed with them.

In 2009, Mayfield failed a drug test and was suspended indefinitely [4] by NASCAR for violating the substance abuse policy. In a statement [5], he claimed that the test was the result of a combination of a prescribed medicine and an over-the-counter medicine. That claim was later denied  by NASCAR’s drug tester [6]. Later, Mayfield filed suit. His suit was later dismissed.