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Published on October 20th, 2010 | by Michael J Smith


Chevy, Ford Could Bring Pony Cars To Sprint Cup

SPEED is reporting that there’s a chance that Ford and Chevy could both change the models used in the Sprint Cup Series in 2013, when the next generation of Sprint Cup car is expected to roll out. Ford could move its Mustang up from the Nationwide Series and Chevy could switch from the Impala to the Camaro.

The automakers are looking for ways to attract audiences back to the track, and get viewers to tune in on race days.

When the current COT was introduced back in 2007, automakers felt like they lost their brand identity, which countered the “win on Sunday, sell on Monday” tagline that automakers used to justify being a part of the sport.

That was part of the reason Ford and Dodge chose to field Mustangs and Challengers, respectively, in the Nationwide Series. They wanted to ignite interest in the sport, by featuring their hot-selling pony cars.

Jamie Allison, of Ford North American Motorsports, said that Ford would consider moving the Mustang to the Cup Series, if the car looks more like the production model than the current Nationwide Series COT.

Allison said:

Any further consideration of the Mustang would have to be complemented and linked to more brand identity to the car that’s raced. It can’t just be the current car of tomorrow. It has to be a progression beyond what’s in Nationwide.

Jim Campbell, of Chevrolet, said that he wants to see the Chevys on the track look as much like the cars they sell as can be. Campbell, however, would not comment on whether or not Chevrolet would switch to the Camaro.

Here is a fan’s rendition:

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