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Gordon, Specialized Reach Settlement Over Logo

[1][See update below]

Following a court-issued injunction [2], Robby Gordon has altered the logo for his energy drink company [3], Speed Energy. Court filings suggest that a settlement is likely in the suit, and will come with the altering of the logo.

The new logo keeps the diagonal bars of the original logo, but it loses the connecting bar, which made the logo look like an “S,” and made it very similar to Specialized Bicycles’ logo.

Shortly after Gordon introduced his energy drink company, Specialized sent a cease-and-desist letter to Gordon, ordering him to stop using the logo due to its similarity to their logo.

Gordon, however, contended that his logo was different from Specialized’s and wouldn’t be confused with it because the energy drink business is not similar to the bike business.

Specialized disagreed, as did the court. U.S. District Court Judge Andrew J. Guilford granted an injunction against Robby Gordon for using the logo.

According to SceneDaily.com [4], the injunction was to take effect once Specialized posted a $3 million bond to cover damages in the event it lost the lawsuit.

But, a bond was never posted, and the two sides participated in mediation and are now working on a settlement.

Update: Robby Gordon in a statement announced that he has reached an agreement with Specialized Bicycles over similarities between the two companies’ logos.

Gordon said:

To our fans and Speed Energy supporters, I am happy to announce that we were able to reach a mutually beneficial settlement of our dispute with Specialized Bicycles regarding logos. … [M]erchandise with the old logo has been discontinued. SPEED Energy plans to have energy drink products with the new SPEED logo available in stores in early January 2011.