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Published on February 9th, 2011 | by Michael J Smith


Phoenix International Raceway To Be Reconfigured, Repaved

The Arizona Republic is reporting that after the Subway Fresh Fit 500 at Phoenix International Raceway later this month, the track will undergo repaving and reconfiguration. Planned renovations include widening the front straightaway; moving pit road back and making the pit boxes concrete; adding variable banking to turns 1 and 2; and widening and adding variable banking to turns 3 and 4.

 PIR President Bryan Sperber said:

We’re designing in multiple grooves. We’ll be in a position to have the drivers race side by side from day one.

 While the banking modifications seem small, track officials think it will allow for more side-by-side racing.

The most siginifcant planned change is to the dog-leg. That section will be extended 95 feet from the exisiting asphalt, and will be 55 feet wide. The new configuration will have 10-to-11 degrees of banking in the center of the corner, and will decrease the turn radius from 800 ft to 500 ft. The result will be a sharper left turn that gives the drivers the ability to arc into the corner and race side-by-side.

Bill Braniff, of North American Testing Corp., the subsidiary of PIR parent company International Speedway Corp. that oversees all construction and engineering projects, said:

Now drivers cut the corner off. By bowling this out, it forces them to drive around a curve. And when we add variable banking, it can allow them to drive side by side.

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