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Toyota Plans To Run Redesigned Camry In Cup In 2013

Toyota plans to run its Camry model in the Sprint Cup Series in 2013, but it will not be the same model that currently runs in the series. Toyota is planning on unveiling a redesigned Camry for the 2012 model year, and hopes to incorporate those changes into its Cup model in 2013, the same year that Ford hopes to field its Mustang.

Toyota Racing Development president Lee White said:

There’s potentially a new car coming, a new Camry — it’s still going to be a Camry — but at some point that look will be put into the new vehicle, and certainly for the ’13 car. I think it’s a ’12 model that you’ll see in the showrooms this fall, but the new car (for NASCAR) isn’t coming ’til ’13, so it’s really how we deal with that — if we do it with a decal package on the current car for ’12 and then the whole new car which everyone’s looking out for ’13.