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Double L Media Announces Partnership With Muze Clothing

Herndon, Va., (April 27, 2011) – Double L Media announced a partnership with Muze Clothing [1], a lifestyle brand born out of an appreciation for classic movie quotes, that will place Muze ads on Lead-Lap.com.

A great movie line is the perfect means of personal expression, as is a great T-shirt. Muze has combined the two to bring you your new favorite shirt.

Muze provides both a physical and digital identity to the vast number of people who use movie quotes to express themselves.  The high-quality, premium shirts are made in the USA, and are worn by several A-list celebrities as their personal statements, and are sold online [1].

The company features designs from Days of Thunder [2] and Talladega Nights [3].

About Muze Clothing

Born out of an appreciation and dedication to classic movie lines, Muze is a lifestyle brand where movie quotes and fashion collide to bring you your new favorite shirt. Muze partners with celebrities and athletes, enabling them to leverage the power of the brand for the causes they support, thereby leading the evolution of fashion with a social conscience.

About Lead-Lap.com

Lead-Lap.com is a fast-growing NASCAR news website that was founded in 2008 by journalist, Michael J. Smith. His goal is to provide NASCAR coverage that is interesting, informative, and presented in a manner that maintains the utmost professionalism and journalistic integrity.

About Double L Media

Double L Media is a blog management and social media consultancy that specializes in helping organizations develop strategies for social business initiatives.

For more information about Double L Media, visit doublelmedia.com [4].