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The Top Five Aftermarket Performance Parts

Face it, we’ve all dreamed of letting it all hang out on the racetrack. But, just because you don’t have access to the tarmac at Talladega or the pavement at Pocono doesn’t mean you can’t buckle a little blacktop with your daily driver. All it takes to start running hot laps to the local home-improvement superstore is an understanding spouse, a couple wrench-filled weekends, and these top five aftermarket performance parts and accessories bolted in the right places.

Air Intakes:

First, you have to let your engine breathe. Not only do air intakes let it breath, they deliver the most bang for your performance buck—hands down. And, installing a K&N FIPK or an AEM CAI system [1] also happens to be one of the easiest mods out there.

Performance Chips:

This is where the real big power comes from. Performance chips like Superchips and Hypertech [2], though costly, deliver the biggest horsepower and torque gains of any aftermarket modification. And, since they plug right into your OBD II port, you don’t even get your hands dirty to install ‘em.


Ever see weightlifters who work their chest but neglect their legs? A fast car with no brakes is kinda like that. Fact is, any racer’ll choose horsepower over stopping power. Bolt on a set of drilled & slotted rotors with some performance pads [3] and you’ll be stopping on a dime in no time.

Exhaust Systems:

Time to add some rumble to your ride. After all, if you didn’t want to hear your car, you’d drive Prius. High-performance cat-back exhaust systems [4] like Flowmaster and Magnaflow not only add some bark to your ride’s bite, they add some extra-sharp teeth to that bite, too.

Suspension Systems:

Finally, make sure you can keep your mean machine under control with all this newfound power. A performance suspension system complete with shocks [5], struts, springs and a lowering kit is just the ticket. With the right set up, you’ll be hitting onramps like turn 2 at Pocono.