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Red Bull Racing Employee Fired Over Anti-Gay Tweet

[1]Red Bull Racing crew member Jeremy Fuller was terminated Tuesday from the team for posting an anti-gay Tweet over the weekend.

Fuller, a tire carrier with RBR, reportedly posted a picture on his Twitter page that showed the back of a car with a gay-pride sign. He added a caption under the picture reading “this is way (sic) I don’t live here!” Another post seemed to agree with one of his followers that it would be better to get rid of gays. The posts were later removed, and Fuller said the first post was a joke, and denied posting the second Tweet.

RBR took action Tuesday evening by terminating Fuller’s contract. Fuller also worked for Turner Motorsports in the NASCAR Nationwide Series. He is no longer listed with that team.

In a statement, the RBR said:

After investigating the matter, Red Bull Racing Team terminated the contractor’s employment effective immediately. The race team regularly conducts diversity training and strictly enforces our team policies against any form of discrimination. We have zero tolerance for such violations and in no way support any of the comments posted by this individual.

This news comes on the heels of the report that the team wouldn’t be returning to the Sprint Cup Series [2] after this season. Since the initial report Jay Frye, Vice-President and General Manager for Red Bull Racing, said he was optimistic that he could line-up investors to keep the team moving forward for the 2012 season.