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Ford To Field Fusion In Sprint Cup In 2013

[1]FoxSports.com [2] is reporting that Ford Racing will use the company’s Fusion for the Sprint Cup Series in 2013, despite previous reports that the team wanted to field the Mustang in 2013.

When the COT was introduced back in 2007, Ford and the other automakers felt that they lost their brand identity because the cars on the track looked very little like their production counterparts.

Last October, Jamie Allison, of Ford North American Motorsports, said that Ford would consider moving the Mustang to the Cup Series, if the car looks more like the production model than the current Nationwide Series COT.

Allison said:

Any further consideration of the Mustang would have to be complemented and linked to more brand identity to the car that’s raced. It can’t just be the current car of tomorrow. It has to be a progression beyond what’s in Nationwide.

Earlier this year, Allison said that the automaker was “leaning heavily” toward fielding the Mustang in Cup, and it was reported that Ford submitted its Mustang to NASCAR for approval for use in 2013 [3].  

Now, however, he says that the automaker decided that it was in its best interest to continue promoting its top-selling Fusion in NASCAR’s top series.

Allison said:

The Fusion is so important to our company, it’s our best-selling car, and when we launched the Fusion, we launched it here in NASCAR. We believe that NASCAR is a platform that can help us compel the fans to the fact that we have an exciting sedan in Fusion, as well as Mustang.