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Martin Does Not Want To Be An Owner, He Says

[1]Mark Martin was on the Wind Tunnel with Dave Despain recently when he was asked if he wanted to be an owner in NASCAR. Martin said:

No…I don’t. I am very interested and would love to commit to Jay Frye (Red Bull Racing vice president and general manager) and that organization to help Jay move forward and rebuild that organization in all forms. There’s a lot of things I want to do in the sport still, including driving race cars, and outside of driving race cars. But as an equity owner, I can’t see it happening anywhere. I’m not interested in doing that.

As with anything a NASCAR driver or owner says regarding rumors about future moves, you have to take what Martin says with a grain of salt until he actually signs with another team to be a driver only. It is very rare for someone to tip their hand before deals are finalized and Martin has been in the sport long enough to know that.

Martin also left himself a little wiggle room by saying that he couldn’t see it happening. He didn’t say it wouldn’t, won’t or can’t happen. I’m not saying he will become an owner, but I don’t think he has decided yet.