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Hendrick Signs Earnhardt Jr To Contract Extension

[1]Hendrick Motorsports announced that it has signed Dale Earnhardt Jr, NASCAR’s most popular driver, to a five year contract extension that runs through the end of the 2017 Sprint Cup Series season.

Hendrick and Earnhardt Jr have been working on this extension for quite some time, and the news is not too suprising.

Team owner Rick Hendrick said:

We’re excited to have everything formalized and announced. Junior and I had a handshake agreement months ago, and we let other people work out the finer points from there. It was as simple and smooth as it gets.

Earnhardt Jr added:

It’s great to have it all wrapped up so quickly and far in advance. Rick and I were on the same page from the first time we talked about it, so there wasn’t any sense in waiting. There were never any questions or hesitations from either of us. It was just, “Yeah, let’s do it.”  I’m really happy at Hendrick Motorsports and enjoy working with everyone here. The team’s been very competitive this season, and we’re all excited about the direction of things. I want to make sure we’re giving our fans something to cheer about for a long time.

The new is sure to upset a small contingent of  Earnhardt Jr’s fans because they believe that Hendrick is not interested in seeing Earnhardt Jr succeed on the track. They contend that Hendrick is only interested in Jr because of the sponsorship money he brings in.

Still, this outcome is probably the most logical because of the lack of competitive Chevy rides out there, and the fact that Earnhardt is not interested in bringing his JR Motorsports Nationwide Series team to Sprint Cup.