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Published on November 2nd, 2011 | by Michael J Smith


Mayfield Arrested On Possession Of Meth Charges

Former NASCAR driver Jeremy Mayfield has been arrested on drug charges, according to WBTV. Mayfield was arrested for possession of methamphetamine in his home in the town of Catawba. Deputies from Catawba County were at Mayfield’s home executing a search warrant on a tip that stolen goods were on the property. That search produced methamphetamines. They also found some items that may or may not be stolen. Mayfield is out on $3,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in court today.

Mayfield has been suspended from NASCAR since May of 2009, when he failed a random drug test at Richmond International Raceway. In a statement follwing the test, Mayfield blamed it on “the combination of a prescribed medicine and an over the counter medicine [that] reacted together and resulted in a positive drug test.”

Dr. David Black, whose Aegis lab conducted the test, disputed Mayfield’s claim, saying:     

What we have is a clear violation of policy. … In my many years of experience, I have never seen a violation like this due to the combination of over-the-counter or prescription products.

This touched off a storm of back and forth between Mayfield, Black, and NASCAR. Mayfield claimed that Black never informed him of the the drug for which he tested positive, but Black claimed that he had a discussion with Mayfield.

Mayfield then hired a lawyer and sued NASCAR. His case was moved to federal court. NASCAR countersued.   

Documents in the case revealed sources that confirmed that Mayfield tested positive for methamphetamines. An independent lab later confirmed it. In July of 2009, Mayfield won an injunction allowing him to return to the Sprint Cup garage, but he never did as he did not have funding. NASCAR later had the injunction overturned.

One year after the whole thing started, a judge dismissed Mayfield’s lawsuit. Judge Graham Mullen wrote:

Plaintiffs (Mayfield) agreed to release Defendants from all claims arising under a negligence theory or otherwise; Plaintiffs thereby waived their right to pursue their claims for defamation, unfair and deceptive trade practices, breach of contract, and negligence. Plaintiffs also failed to allege facts to support each of their claims. … Plaintiffs claims are hereby dismissed.

Mayfield asked the judge to reconsider, claiming that Mullen made a mistake by allowing NASCAR’s countersuit against Mayfield for breach of contract to proceed while dismissing his suit. The motion also argues that the judge did not give Mayfield the opportunity to amend his complaint to bring claims of wrongful interference with contractual or business relations. It also argues that the correct Florida law was not applied. In October of 2010, he also brought new charges to light, claiming that NASCAR illegally interfered with his business, and had personal malice against him.

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