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Published on August 16th, 2012 | by Michael J Smith


Source Refutes Allmendinger’s Explanation Of Failed Test

AJ AllmendingerCiting an unnamed source close to the situation, is reporting that it is highly unlikely that AJ Allmendinger’s failed drug test was the result of taking a single pill one time. According to the source, Allmendinger’s explanation is not consistent with the test results.

After failing the drug test, it was revealed that Allmendinger tested positive for Adderall, a attention deficit hyperactivity disorder prescription drug. Because Allmendinger doesn’t have ADHD, he did not have a prescription for the drug. After Jeremy Mayfield’s initial failed drug test, he blamed it on a combination of Claritan and Adderall.

If Adderall were ingested one time, it is highly unlikely that it would show up in one’s system after 24 hours. Allmendinger was tested two days after he claims to have taken the pill.

But, Dr. Don Catlin, co-founder and president of Anti-Doping Research & Support Clean Sport and founder and the former director of the UCLA Olympic Analytical Lab, said that in general Adderall would show up in one’s urine for a couple of days. But, he did not know the specific details of Allmendinger’s case, nor did he know the dosage of the pill or the level of sensitivity of the testing equipment.

The source also said that Allmendinger did not reveal that he took anything that might trigger a positive test to the medical review officer during the standard questioning during the test. This alone, however, does not mean Allmendinger’s explanation is not true, as he may have not mentioned the pill because he didn’t think of it, or he thought he’d be okay.

Still, Dr. David Black, who runs Aegis Sciences Corp., which runs the testing program, said in response to Allmendinger’s explanation:

Certainly, if that had been a possibility (it) would have been ruled out before any action was taken. On every positive test we have, we look to rule out the possibility of a supplement being involved. I’m not aware of any commercial products that would have influenced the test outcome.

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