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Diet Mountain Dew Cutting Back On Sponsorship Of No. 88

[1]Diet Mountain Dew will cut back its sponsorship of the No. 88 Hendrick Motorsports team and driver Dale Earnhardt Jr next season. Mountain Dew sponsored the team for 16 races in the 2012 Sprint Cup Series season, and another Pepsi product, Amp, sponsored the team for four races. National Guard sponsored the team for 18 races.

In 2013, National Guard will have two additional races.

Earnhardt Jr is not really worried about the loss of sponsorship. Earnhardt said:

We have more demand than we have supply pretty much. We’ve got a majority of the season with the Guard and Diet Mountain Dew is going to back off a little bit and that makes it a bit of a challenge to fill that small of a gap. If it were a bit larger gap, it would be easier to fill.

Still, Earnhardt Jr, NASCAR’s most popular driver, shouldn’t have much trouble securing sponsorship.