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NASCAR Makes Change To Distribution Of Prize Money

nascar1 [1]NASCAR has announced a change to the way prize money is distributed to the last five finishing positions in an attempt to make it less profitable to start and park, according to ESPN.com [2].

Under the new rules, each finishing position between 39th and 43rd will receive $4,000 less than the position preceding it. So, finishing 43rd will pay $4,000 less than finishing 42nd, which will pay $4,000 less than 41st, and so on.

A NASCAR spokesman pointed out that this will not result in a reduction in purses, as the money saved here will be redistributed among the rest of the field, and purses will actually increase overall in comparison to 2012.

Start and park, the act of starting a race, running a few laps, then parking your car — saving it from damage and therefore money spent on repairs — and collect prize money has been a controversial topic of late.

Small teams argue that it gives them the money to build their race teams in hopes of being more competitive in the future. But, some argue that the starting spots and money are wasted on cars that will not compete.