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Some Criminal Charges Against Mayfield Dropped

Jeremy Mayfield [1]Ten felony burglary charges against former Sprint Cup driver Jeremy Mayfield have been dropped because the primary witness against him died in a motorcycle accident last year. Mayfield still faces nine felony charges in three North Carolina counties.

The Iredell County charges stem from burglaries at Red Bull Racing and Fitz Motorsports. According to the indictment, $177,721 worth of  equipment was stolen from RBR, while an additional $20,000 worth of equipment was stolen from Fitz.

The Catawba County charges [2] include three charges for possession of stolen goods, one charge of obtaining property under false pretense and a methamphetamine possession charge.

He also faces four larceny charges in Caldwell County for stolen goods, which is unrelated to the race-team burglaries.

John Kavann Franklin was listed as a co-defendant in the case in Iredell. Franklin died following a police chase on Sept. 16. Reports indicated that Franklin had methamphetamines and scales in a compartment in his motorcycle.

Mayfield still faces a maximum penalty of 27 years in prison, though he is unlikely to get that sentence.

There have been rumors that Mayfield is considering a plea deal, but there has been no progress made there. Mayfield has refused to accept any plea deal that involves jail time.

Mayfield has been suspended from NASCAR [3] since May of 2009, when he failed a random drug test at Richmond International Raceway. Following the suspension, there was a lot of back and forth [4] between Mayfield and r. David Black, whose Aegis lab conducted the test.

Mayfield sued NASCAR [5], but his case was dismissed [6]. His appeal was also rejected [7], and Mayfield decided to drop the suit [8].

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