NASCAR Draft Methodology

Draft Order

The draft order was determined by current Owner’s Points instead of 2009 Owner’s points (as the NFL determines the draft order by the previous year’s record) because I didn’t want to deal with having to go through each team to see who acquired points from who. Trades were disallowed because in the end, only two teams were likely to trade, and because their picks were far apart, I would have had to come up with additional compensation, which would have made it more convoluted.

Driver Rankings

Each driver was ranked using statistics from over the last two full seasons (2008, 2009) and the first eight races of this season (a total of 80 races). The statistics I used were: average running position, quality passes*, laps run on the lead lap, average finishes, and winnings per start (determined by taking total winnings and dividing it by number of starts.)

* A quality pass is a pass of a car running in the top 15 while under green.


Points were awarded to each driver based on their position in the order for each category using the NASCAR points system (not including bonus points.) So, for example, the driver with the highest winnings per start received 175 points, and the second highest driver received 170 points and so on.

Bonus Points

Five bonus points were awarded for being in the top 5 in merchandise sales. Statistics for this were not available, so I had piece together an order based on news stories. I was only able to concretely determine two drivers who received bonus points for merchandise sales. Five bonus points were also awarded for each Championship, each Chase berth, and leading the most laps in a season. Drivers who made the Chase the last two seasons and are currently in the Chase through eight races this year earned an additional 5 bonus points.


No claims to this being accurate are being made. This was just for fun, and based on a wacky system I came up with as I went. That said, I did try to remain true to the statistics and keep things unbiased. All rankings were based on averages, so a driver who did not participate in all races wouldn’t be penalized.

Tie Breakers

There were three ties in total points, but all occurred in the bottom eight drivers, so I didn’t determine a tie breaker. I let the spreadsheet determine the tiebreaker when I sorted the column. The spreadsheet did not default to alphabetical order, after sorting by score so I have no idea how it put Travis Kvapil ahead of Robby Gordon. If I ever do this again, I will determine a tiebreaker.

Total Points

After adding the points from each category and adding the bonus points, the total points were determined. Drivers were put in order by their total points, and the order is the order they were drafted.

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